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It’s Andy Black and Max Vershinin here and we are very excited to show you exactly how Social Link Machine v2.0 should be a vital part of your SEO strategy in 2015.

Over the next few minutes we want to PROVE TO YOU that you no longer need to spend all day every day struggling to get traffic and dodging the next big Google slap that could wipe out your business in a heart beat.

Firstly, I want to talk to you about how SEO has changed over the last few years we have been making our living from the industry.
Now it’s all about quality Not quantity…
When Max and I first started in SEO it was STUPIDLY EASY to rank in Google for the most competitive keywords. Stuffing the page with our keyword was enough.

We didn't even need to worry too much about backlinks. Any old backlinks would do. Spammy blog comments with Scrapebox did the trick. And who remembers using SENuke to create crazy “linkwheels”? What were we thinking?

Those were the days…

The reality is that those days are over. And in fact that has made our lives MUCH EASIER!
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Install On UNLIMITED Personal Sites
SLMv2 (Multi)
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Social Link Machine v2.0 Puts These Powerful Features
In The Palm Of Your Hand…
Completely Automated
Automatically grab your content and instantly syndicate it on the 16 most popular authority platforms - completely automated.
Build Social Signals
Generate and build social signals - totally
Faster Indexing
Ping newly generated URLs for faster indexing with the ability to integrate into three 3rd party indexing services.
Natural Pattern
Set your desired frequency for each platform in order to create a natural pattern.
Random Order
Work through your entire blog / sites content over time in either a specific or a random order.
2nd Tier Links
Build 2nd tier backlinks using our built-in 2nd tier technology, to create a 2nd layer of drip fed links and social signals to power up your NEW links.
Analyse Your Results
View inbuilt dynamic logs to analyse the
results of your submissions.
Deeper Linking
As well as build backlinks to the inner pages and posts, users will have the ability to also build links to the homepage and they can set the % and randomize any number of
custom anchor text.
Automated Rich-Media
Automatically include relevant Youtube videos and images within the posts that are created. A built-in randomization feature makes this
varied and organic.
PDF Submissions
Automatically converts your blog posts and
pages into PDF documents and submits
them to PDF directories
Content Bulking
Pull content from relevant RSS feeds and add that to the posts that are created, essentially filling out the content
Link Diversity
Create natural link diversity by posting to social platforms, bookmarking sites, web 2.0's, image sharing sites and PDF doc sharing sites.
Our Innovative Plugin Can Post To 16 Authority Platforms
Boost your results by integrating with your favourite SEO tools…
Social Link Machine v2.0 integrates fully with more SEO platforms than ever before. Use your existing subscriptions to automatically spin content, build backlinks to your backlinks, index your links quickly and protect your valuable affiliate links.
Social Link Machine v2.0 COMPLETES your traffic generation arsenal…
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We could WOW you all day long with our users results
stories but we value your time
Why Not Hear What Some Of Our Users Think Of Social Link Machine
Jock Brocas
Existing v1.0 User
Albert Matthews
Existing v1.0 Customer
So much more than “Just an SEO Tool”...

This is very important: Do NOT think of Social Link Machine v2.0 as purely an SEO tool. It is SO MUCH more than that!

But what do we mean? It’s very simple.

Of course Social Link Machine v2.0 is just that, a link building machine. But do not forget what those links are. They are gateways to your website from some of the most high traffic communities and networks on the Internet.

Social Link Machine v2.0 is also a traffic generation tool. It helps you to automatically build highly valuable assets that mean you are not 100% reliant on Google for your traffic.

It protects you from that. And that is also exactly what Google want to see, that you get traffic from all over the Internet. This proves you have a popular website and Google will reward you for that.

Here’s What You’re Getting ...
Social Link Machine Members Area: Valued At $97
The Social Link Machine v2.0 members area takes you through everything from setting up and installing the plugin to getting amazing results…
  • How to install SLM v2.0
  • How to setup
  • How to activate
  • How to use SLM v2.0 for best results
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We have got some seriously powerful bonuses lined up to help you make the most out of Social Link Machine v2.0!

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Total Real World Value = $298

This special launch offer is so valuable because it takes the power away from the search engines and puts it in your hands…

But ONLY if you do the right thing and invest in Social Link Machine v2.0 today.

Up until now all the power has been in the hands of the select few that have the funds and manpower to take on the search engines.

This MASSIVELY discounted launch offer of Social Link Machine v2.0 changes all that…

You are getting an astonishing deal exactly because of this. We are determined to give you the same advantage as the “gurus”.

When Social Link Machine Officially Launches to the Public
the Cost Will Be MUCH Higher Than We Are Asking Today…

In just 7 days time Social Link Machine v2.0 will close to our community forever. And when it does it will go on sale to the public for at least $67 and those buyers will not get access to the $298 worth of extras that you get today.

What makes Social Link Machine v2.0 so valuable and easily worth hundreds of dollars is this simple fact.

SLM v2.0 automates the tedious task of high quality link building and traffic generation. More traffic will ensure your business generates more income

This income will keep growing every day. So even at several hundreds of dollars, Social Link Machine v2.0 is a wise investment that will pay you back many, many times over.

Total Value Today: $365
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The longer you wait, the higher the price.

People who take action quickest and are smart enough to see the best investments are more likely to see the best results.

And we are looking for a boat-load of testimonials from early power-users just like you…

There is one small condition which allows you to take advantage of todays’ special “launch day discount”!

When we launched Social Link Machine 1.0 we were literally swamped with testimonials from happy users that are seeing incredible results.

You can see them for yourself all over this page.

Because of that we have decided to keep that going and see if we can get even more powerful testimonials.

In exchange for the huge discount available to you today, we ask that you provide an honest, written or video testimonial when you see for yourself how powerful Social Link Machine v2.0 is.

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Once Social Link Machine v2.0 has got you lots of page 1 rankings you're going to want to convert those RESULTS into DOLLARS. We're going to show you how to do this by revealing 4 real life case studies. All on a LIVE call that is exclusive to Social Link Machine v2.0 customers only.

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This awesomely powerful tool is going to take every single bit of the hard work out of your offpage SEO and I am totally confident that you’ll love SOCIAL LINK MACHINE v2.0 and the astounding results it will generate.

However, if you find that you can’t get Social Link Machine to work for you (which is highly unlikely!) and if our robust support desk can’t fix your issue (which is EVEN MORE UNLIKELY!) then we will refund your investment = Leaving you absolutely no risk at all!

All support enquires will be investigated and fully actioned. So fearlessly click
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Install On UNLIMITED Personal Sites
SLMv2 (Multi)
Install On a SINGLE Site
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See you inside the members area,